Spencer Desmond - User Interface (UX) Designer

Objective: Creating IT multi-channel solutions
My primary objective is to identify requirements and create highly usable and attractive design solutions within a technical framework to rapidly bring projects from conception to delivery. I define solutions for multi-channel delivery with both commercial and technical teams.

I love design. I am passionate about all forms of design and have over 20 years' industry experience predominantly in graphical user interface design. I possess a strong ability to identify a client's requirements and produce high impact and easy to use interfaces that meet their specifications. I am a self-motivated, quick learner who is adept both at working with other talented individuals in a team or in isolation to pioneer new methods in Multi-Channel User Interface design and Interactivity. My strong graphical eye for detail coupled with my passion for self-teaching and innovation make me an exceptional user interface designer.

As a UX designer I have developed interfaces across a number of industry sectors including financial, media, medical, transport, retail and gaming to name a few. I have a range of technical skills (including HTML 5, CSS and Photoshop) and also possess an ability to quickly learn new skills – the most recent example being an internal cross-device scripting language (based on JavaScript).

Aside from my extensive professional experience, my core strengths lie in my passion for design and usability, attention to detail, and flexibility.